RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Search Certifications

The Search Certifications tab allows Users to search by name or expirable entitlement.

To search by name, enter either the complete first or last name into the search bar and press enter, or click Search. If the search criteria match multiple directory user accounts, select the correct user.


Wildcard (*) searches are possible. For example, the string "Per*" will return all user accounts have the letters "Per" (case independent) at the beginning of both the first and last name.


Enabling advanced searching allows users to employ logical operators and nested groups.

Once the desired user account is selected, click Submit.


Workflow returns all current certifications and lists the current status with the expiration date (Description and Owner redacted for privacy).

The process to search for certifications by expiable entitlement is identical to searching by a user, however, the resultant display is different; the entitlement field values are different and the right side of the display lists all current users with access to the returned entitlement.