RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Server Management

RapidIdentity Appliance Server Management provides administrators with 8 key functions:

  1. Define cluster retention settings.

  2. Restart the current cluster.

  3. Update RapidIdentity to a new Rolling or LTS Version.

  4. Import a previously saved Appliance configuration.

  5. Export the current configuration.

  6. Update libraries to include new JDBC drivers or community adapters.

  7. Modify public images.

  8. Perform operations to clear cluster database cache, reload cluster jobs, and reload cluster LDAP schema.

The primary difference between versions from 4.3 and either Rolling or LTS versions is that Rolling and LTS upgrades are based upon the cluster. Previously, it was possible to update only one or a combination of components. With a Rolling or LTS version, everything in the cluster updates at the same time.