RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Sponsored Accounts

The RapidIdentity People Module Sponsored Accounts interface is a system an organization Sponsors can use to manage special user account life cycles.

A special user account is an account that must be managed outside of an authoritative system (e.g. HRMS).

Common Sponsored accounts can include contractors, interns, visitors, and volunteers.

Sponsors have five management privileges that are accessible from the Select Action drop-down box once a sponsored account is selected.

  1. Edit accounts

  2. Transfer accounts to another Sponsor

  3. Expire accounts

  4. Certify accounts (extend the expiration)

  5. Delete accounts

If a user is a Sponsor's manager, the user can perform Sponsor account actions for any sponsored account pertaining to the Sponsor's manager.

Administrators can designate a group of users as Sponsorship Module Administrators also.

Groups provide a mechanism to manage all sponsored accounts. The advantage of this feature is to help other Sponsors manage accounts; the benefit is a workflow burden reduction in other organization departments, such as Customer Service.

Expiring Sponsored Accounts

All sponsored accounts have an expiration date. The Sponsor can choose to certify the sponsored account by setting a new expiration date or let the account expire. If the sponsored account expires, RapidIdentity will not let that user authenticate successfully.

At midnight, all accounts listed in the directory service with an expiration of that day are disabled immediately. This process ensures automated sponsored account de-provisioning.

On a nightly basis, the Sponsorship Module checks for accounts with the status “Expiring Soon”. This status is based on accounts expiring within 7 days. If a sponsor has one or more accounts in the Expiring Soon status, the Sponsor will receive one email.

Create Sponsored Account

To create a new sponsored account, click Add Person.

A sidebar on the left opens and the Sponsor can enter user information for the sponsored account. All fields with a red asterisk are required, which subsequently enables the Create action button. The expiration date must be within a 90-day range of the current date.

When finished, click Create. The new sponsored account then displays in the sponsored accounts table.

Once the sponsored account is created, an Email notification is sent to the new Sponsor. This email informs the Sponsor of the newly created login ID and password.

Duplicate Identification

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email Address

When configured to detect duplicate entries based on any or all of the three attributes, clicking the Create button will trigger the Sponsorship Module to identify sponsored accounts based upon the attributes the system administrator selected. If a match is found, RapidIdentity displays Duplicate Account in the sidebar.

Click Close to return to the Create Sponsored Account sidebar to modify the account and then click the Create button to create the sponsored account.

Edit Sponsored Account

Editing sponsored accounts currently takes place in the legacy user interface and will be integrated into the new user interface shortly.

Transfer Sponsored Account

The "Transfer" process is used to transfer sponsored accounts to a different sponsor. This feature is helpful when a temporary user now reports to a different person or department. Instead of creating an additional account, the account can be transferred to the new Sponsor.

To transfer a sponsored account, select the appropriate user, navigate to the Select Action drop-down box, and click Transfer.

The Sponsorship module will display the Transfer Sponsored Account sidebar. A new sponsor can be identified by entering the new sponsor's name into the Sponsor field.

The Sponsor field is dynamic and returns all possible accounts matching the text that is entered. Select the appropriate account and click Transfer.

Once a different account is selected to Sponsor the sponsored account and Transfer is clicked, the sponsored account is transferred, RapidIdentity removes the sponsored account from the sponsored account table, and provides a notification stating the transfer process was successful.

Sponsored accounts can be transferred individually or in bulk. Sponsored accounts are transferred to the new sponsor immediately.

An email notification is automatically sent to the previous and new sponsor to communicate that a transfer occurred.

Expire Sponsored Account

The "Expire" process is used to expire and disable the target sponsored account. Once expired the sponsored account is disabled, authentication is no longer possible. To expire an account, select the appropriate data grid checkbox and click Expire.

Sponsored accounts can be expired individually or in bulk. Expiring a sponsored account terminates authentication credentials immediately.

An email notification is automatically sent to the sponsor to communicate that an expire action has occurred.

Certify Sponsored Account

The “Certify” process is used to Certify sponsored accounts. Since all sponsored accounts are configured to expire, the certification process can extend or reduce the expiration date. Accounts can be certified regardless of the current status (Expired; Expiring Soon; Active). When certifying an expired account, authentication is enabled immediately.

Sponsors receive email notifications on a nightly basis when they have sponsored accounts in the “Expiring Soon” status. If the Sponsor does not take action, those accounts will expire on their expiration dates.

To certify an account, select the appropriate account, navigate to the Select Action drop-down box, and click Certify.

RapidIdentity opens the Certify Sponsored Account sidebar and Sponsors can use the date selector or enter a new expiration date at least one day into the future. After the date is entered, click Certify.

After the Certify process completes, the Expiration Date and Status updates. RapidIdentity displays a notification to confirm the Certify process was successful.

An email notification is automatically sent to the sponsor to communicate that a certification action has occurred.

Delete Sponsored Account

The “Delete” process is used to delete the sponsored account permanently. Once deleted, the sponsored account is removed from the directory irreversibly.

The Expire action is a safer choice because the selected account is disabled but still is stored within the directory.

Sponsored accounts can be deleted individually or in bulk. To delete a sponsored account, navigate to the Select Actiondrop-down box, and click Delete.

After the Delete process completes, the sponsored account is removed from the sponsored accounts table and RapidIdentity displays a notification to confirm the Delete process was successful.

An email notification is automatically sent to the sponsor to communicate that a delete action has occurred.