RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


Follow these 12 steps to create an Authentication Policy using TOTP code integrating the RapidIdentity Mobile App:RapidIdentity Mobile Application

  1. Access RapidIdentity Appliance and then select Configuration | Core Configuration Authentication Policies.

  2. Next, click the plus sign to define a new policy. 

  3. The MFA Policy ID number appears after saving the policy. To enable the policy, click the check box; to disable, uncheck the box.

  4. Click Authentication Methods subtab and enable TOTP.

  5. Select the window size. When the cursor hovers over the Window size text, the following description appears. 

  6. Allow Challenge Question Deferral enables administrators to allows users to "defer" or bypass the requirement to enter a login authentication code for up to 30 days, within the same browser. To enable deferment, check the box.

  7. Finally, Set Up Instructions is any text visible to the user when the MFA setup screen appears. [DEFAULT] equates to no setup instructions text. Administrators can customize this text to suit the organization's policies or culture by clicking the pencil icon.

  8. After clicking Submit, the Setup Instructions field automatically displays the formatted instructions. 

  9. When complete, click Save.

  10. To test the newly created policy, logout, close the browser completely and then log in again.

  11. Upon completing the username field, RapidIdentity Federation redirects users to the RapidIdentity MFA screen. 

  12. Launch the RapidIdentity Mobile app and press the QR Code button. Follow the QR Code instructions to complete the installation.


RapidIdentity Federation will direct the user to configured landing module.