RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Transfer Sponsored Account

The "Transfer" process is used to transfer sponsored accounts to a different sponsor. This feature is helpful when a temporary worker returns but now reports to a different person or department. Instead of creating an additional account, the account can be transferred to the new Sponsor.

To transfer a sponsored account, select the appropriate data grid checkbox and click the Transfer button above the data grid.


The Sponsorship module will display the Transfer Account window first. A new sponsor can be identified by clicking either the Sponsor bar or the magnifying glass.

The Select Person window allows users to identify a new Sponsor.


Select the desired sponsor and then click Transfer. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard the Transfer process.

Sponsored accounts can be transferred individually or in bulk. Sponsored accounts are transferred to the new sponsor immediately.

An email notification is automatically sent to the previous and new sponsor to communicate that a transfer occurred.