RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Troubleshooting SAML Authentication

If SAML authentication is configured incorrectly, it is possible to be temporarily locked out of RapidIdentity. Prior to RapidIdentity Rolling Release versions, the "alternate entry" path was leveraged to troubleshoot this state.

RapidIdentity Rolling Releases do not allow "alternate entry", and if administrators appear to be locked out, it is necessary to temporarily change the rapididentity.properties file to restore proper configuration.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot SAML authentication to gain administrator access to RapidIdentity:

  1. Access a command line environment and SSH into RapidIdentity.

  2. Navigate to RapidIdentity | Main Menu | Advanced and select option 4 to open the rapididentity.properties file.

  3. Uncomment sso.disabled and set its value to true.

  4. Save the file and restart RapidIdentity by navigating to Main Menu | Status | Restart.

  5. Navigate to the RapidIdentity base URL and update any necessary configurations (i.e. https://<hostname or IP address>/.