RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

User Interface Overview

The RapidIdentity Portal User Interface is intended to be highly intuitive. There are two principal navigation regions within RapidIdentity Portal:

  1. Module Buttons

  2. Module Tabs

Module Buttons are located on the left side of the browser window.

  1. Applications

  2. Profiles

  3. Files

  4. Roles

  5. Sponsorship

  6. Workflow

  7. Dashboard

  8. Reporting

  9. Configuration

Users will only see the module buttons for which they can access, and most users will not be able to access the Configuration Module since this module requires higher-level privileges. Administrators determine the default landing module organization users see after logging into RapidIdentity. In the example above, the default landing module is Applications, however, the default landing module could be Profiles or any other module in which all organization users can access.

The logged in User's specific organizational role (administrator, manager, employee, contractor, etc) and the corresponding privileges ascribed to that role determine the available modules (and tabs, and delegated actions).

These setting are often determined by RapidIdentity Portal Administrators, however, it is possible for any user to have higher-level actions delegated to their account. Consequently, two users within the same organization can have different modules available and different abilities to execute delegated Actions (reset challenge questions, certify sponsored accounts, etc).

To navigate between Modules, click the desired Module Button

The RapidIdentity Portal module buttons can be hidden or revealed by clicking the corresponding angle bracket button.


Application Information, located in the bottom right corner, provides details on copyright, current software version along with links to the End User License Agreement (EULA) and third party software inclusions.