RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Users' Workflow Module

The RapidIdentity Portal Workflow Module provides an interface to manage user account access states.


Depending on privileges, users can administer the following three access requests.

  1. Own Requests

  2. Team Requests

  3. Other Requests

Workflow, Dashboard, and Reporting are the only RapidIdentity Portal Modules containing a Tab-subtab layout.

Upon selecting the Workflow Module, the My Dashboard tabs display first.

he top level contains five tabs.

  1. Dashboard

  2. Requests

  3. Approvals

  4. Certifications

  5. Task Manager

The available subtabs depend on the User's organization Role.

  1. My Dashboard (All Users)

  2. Team Dashboard (Users with direct reports)

  3. Other Dashboard (Administrators and Help Desk Agents)

The number to the right of the sync icon list the total number of current Entitlements the current user can access.