RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The Workflows interface allows administrators to create and administer entitlement workflows.


Workflows can be viewed in either a list or grid interface. The list interface displays the workflow name and the configured description with a details button to view the workflow path. The list interface also allows workflows to be sorted by either name or description.

The grid interface displays individual workflows as tiles. The checkbox and details buttons appear when the focus is on that tile or when a tile is selected with a checkbox.


Existing workflows are selected with the checkbox and can be exported, cloned, or deleted. New workflows can be created manually or imported from a saved JSON file.

The details button displays the paths a request can take once a workflow request is submitted. If one or more approvals are required, nodes display indicate the paths the request can take.


Initially, all possible paths display. Users can click on a node or elsewhere in the path to view a workflow step and anything that follows the selected step.


Hovering over a workflow node displays additional information.


Follow these steps to create a new workflow.

  1. Click Add Workflow.  

  2. A new workflow automatically includes the start and end actions. This workflow is sufficient if the entitlement does not require evaluation or downstream activity such as a Connect action. If additional actions are necessary, click the straight line between the two actions and select the green plus sign

  3. The Add Action interface allows Workflow creators to include actions in the workflow. Select the appropriate action for the workflow and click Next.  

  4. Each of the available actions contains two primary configuration areas: a top half and a bottom half. The top half is common to all available actions and allows administrators to determine the name, description, next action, and next action on fail. The bottom half is specific to the selected action. For example, if the Ask Approver action is selected, the bottom half contains fields for the user to Approve the request, Days Before Approval Expires, Escalation Approver, and Days Before Automatic Escalation.

    Table 367. Entitlement Request Actions




    The Approve/Complete button will approve the selected requests immediately. Requests are selected via the check box in the far left column of the tasks pane and it is possible to approve multiple requests simultaneously.


    The Deny button will reject the selected requests immediately. Requests are selected via the check box in the far left column of the tasks pane and it is possible to deny multiple requests simultaneously.


    The Re-Assign button allows resource owners to assign access requests to another user. When selected, a dialogue box will appear. If necessary, use the search field find the desired recipient and the click Select to confirm or Cancel to discard.

  5. Select the desired action, complete the required fields, and click Create.

  6. If the newly added action should not direct to the End Action, click the line before End Action and then either click No to delete the action or Yes to add an additional action.

  7. Repeat steps 2-5 until the desired workflow is complete.

  8. Verify that the workflow is active in the top right corner and that the name and description are complete. When these fields are complete the Save button activates. Click Save.